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Domestic Relocation

We can provide all the service elements required to enable a Transferee and their family to be efficiently moved within the India between assignments. Alternatively a flexible range of any of these domestic relocation services may be provided.Our experience and partners enable us to manage the personal processes throughout with care for the Transferee, while administering the relocation cost effectively for the employer.

Through a single point of contact, we provide the personal support necessary to enhance the success of the assignment. We make an assessment of all the relocation requirements by consultation with the client and from our Questionnaire, and E-mail contacts with the Transferee before the move, managing the complete process to completion.

International Relocation

International moving can be one of life's most exciting yet challenging experiences. In a world of heightened security regulations and complex transportation systems, it has become increasingly more important to select a partner who is experienced in understanding the requirements of a global market. We can supply a full range of International relocation services throughout the world with our network of certified partners. We believe that International Relocation's are unique to each individual customer. Our international team will tailor a solution to meet your unique requirements, while maintaining the highest quality service and delivery standards within your cost structure.

As soon as you consider an International relocation contact with an International mover should be made. Pre-planning and preparation is the key to a successful overseas relocation. Many contributing factors need to be confirmed in order provide you with the most accurate information regarding cost, customs requirements, customs required documentation or shipping restrictions for your specific destination country. When shipping by sea, you will be charged by the volume of your shipment based on the number of Cubic Meters (CBM) you are Sending, and not by the weight of your shipment. Compared to service by Air, the transit time to the destination is longer, but you will find that the cost of shipping is much less.

The general misconception is that all items must fit in a 1meter x 1meter x 1meter cube to ship by sea. That is not the case; you can ship any size since each of your items will be measured individually, and added up to obtain the final measurements in terms of cubic meters. Customers shipping using our Economy Service or Economy Plus Service, your shipment will be palletized at the bonded warehouse and will be consolidated with other shipments. Customer shipping using our First Class service will have their entire shipment put inside custom made shipping crates. For smaller LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments, each item will be securely packaged and all items will be secured inside the crate.

Home Storage

We specialize in providing stunning ideas for home and office storage and organization of your things, covering every area of your life. We continually explore the world discovering new, innovative, exclusive and exciting product ideas. Our aims are simple, useable and stylish, both contemporary and traditional. Our storage products range from natural weaving materials to recycled fiber board, from molded acrylic to fabricated metal.

Transform your space, room by room, making it clutter free. From bedroom to bathroom, kitchen to the service department, we have numerous solutions to help pass your life structure and arrangement.

If you have not bought from us ahead we look forward to assisting you in whatever manner we dismiss. If you are coming back as an existing customer, we do hope that you will like the great scope of novel merchandise that will complement your existing estimates.

Car Transportation

We organize the movement of vehicles around the India. We offer this service for private and commercial clients and we congratulate ourselves on the caliber of our service and our competitive pricing.

Whether you take in a single vehicle to incite, or five hundred, we will handle your demand. We hold one of the most comprehensive networks of transport companies and trade plate drivers in the India, and this permits us to move vehicles at little notice for the best cost available.

We regularly move cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and all other vehicle types to and from the India. Contact usto discuss your requirement and obtain an instant no-obligation quotation.

Office Relocation

Industrial packing and crating services is the core or our business. We offer unparalleled expertise in blocking, bracing, securing, and moisture-protecting goods inside closed containers, and for open-top and flat-rack containers as well. We also offer the service of disassembling heavy duty machinery to facilitate loading into standard or 40 ft. high cube containers. We are known as the Lower Mainland specialists in loading, blocking, and securing items that others can't handle.

With 15,000 square feet of indoor space and a large fenced and black-topped yard, we can handle small and large shipments alike. We are in close proximity to the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport and the U.S. border. We are the longest established and most experienced export packing company. We pack and crate everything from the smallest piece of electronic equipment to large industrial machines. Our employees are experienced packing and crating professionals who strive to maintain the high standard of workmanship for which we have been known since our beginnings.

Transportation by Road

Whether you are across the street or across the country, just one call and the team of experienced packers and movers. We will help you pack and move all your goods - right from furniture to automobiles to plants to pets to just about anything you want. Our services include:

  • Premove Packing and Moving survey
  • Professional Packing
  • Wooden crates for fragile articles
  • Supervision, marking, preparing inventory and coordinating the move
  • Transportation using small & large vehicles
  • Arranging Insuring Transit Insurance
  • Handling documentation & check-post formalities
  • Door to Door Packing and Moving to all major destinations in India
  • Escorts to accompany the goods in transit
  • Tracking & providing information about goods in transit
  • Delivery, unpacking and setting up of your home at destination
  • Handyman services like carpenter / plumber/ electrician etc
  • Temporary storage facilities for goods in transit
  • Pest control treatments

The next time you want packing and moving services, please call, fax or email the professional packers and movers at Globe Moving and Storage Company to discuss your needs.

Air & Sea Transport

Apart from the general road transport, we offer sea transport and air transport as well.

Sea Transport
Sea transport has gained lots of popularity and is now the largest carrier of freight. Sea transport is far more economical than the air transport. Sea transport is mostly used for larger distance freight carriage, but it can be used for even the domestic transportation between various cities within the nation. Sea transport can be used in order to ship materials in larger volume and specially incase of import or export. We can use sea transport to ship any material that can be transported. Since sea transportation is done via water, delivery is generally slower than the road or the air transport, which is comparably faster. So in order to move the time critical materials, sea transport may not be a good choice, but yes it is economical.

Air Transport
Air transport is one of the most popular and modern mode of transportation, which is used to move time critical materials. Since air transportation is costlyand not economical for high volume of good movements, low weight materials/packages are transported using this mode of transportation. The recent tax relaxation on air fuel makes air transportation much cheaper and accessible.

Surface Transportation

Surface transportation implies transportation by means of rail and road. With advancements in technology and the global trading, the movers and packers now have quicker, safer and more dependable vehicles, both on rail and on road. The surface transportation is still the lifeline of economic growth.

The two branches of surface transportation are:

  • Road Transportation
  • Rail Transportation

Road Transportation in Relocation Industry:
The usage of one mode over other differs from economy to economy. For instance, in India, long-distance transport has shown a substantial modal shift in favor of roads, both in passenger and freight transport, in the past few decades. At present, roads cater to 85% of passenger and over 70% of the freight traffic.

Rail transportation in relocation industry:
Well-organized freight transport and timely movement of people is essential for the world economy. Hence, moving and packing companies strive to make sure that the men and material are moved freely, reliably and efficiently. At the same time, the positive impact on environment and safety are also kept in mind while moving from one place to another.


Warehousing services principally consist of storage facilities for domestic goods, Industrial goods, Furniture, and automobiles etc. We make available for you both short term and long term storage services. We store the goods for short term or long term according to the requirements of the customers. We cover following services in our warehousing and storage amenities:

  • Inwards Logistics
  • Delivery services
  • Stock management
  • After marketplace services
  • Warehousing and storage facilities in economical way.

We make our services available in most reasonable and affordable rates. We know your budget and hence we are confident that you will find our prices within your means. With us you can get the warehousing facilities in most economical way. To give you professional warehousing services we have spacious rooms so that all your goods are stored comfortably whether the storage is short term or long term. We ensure hygienic place for storage so that there are no chances of getting the goods damaged. Niceties such as management of labours, security, and transportation among others are taken superior care of. We have expansive warehouse units which are given on rent to the customers so that they may make use of it to keep their goods and other products without harm up to the delivery time. We include following facilities in our warehousing services:

  • Specialised Storage amenities- we provide clean environment and spacious warehouses
  • Watchful Carrying of goods-We move the goods carefully so that they remain safe
  • Storage - we provide both temporary and long term storage facilities to our customers.
  • Settling-in assistance
  • Insurance assistance- We also help you for insurance of your goods if you wish to get one.
  • Documentation- We assist you in regards to the Documentation and any other storage related paperwork

We have all the answers and have know-how in providing answer in household goods warehousing. We deal in warehousing of a wide range of household goods like furniture, crockery, TV sets and computers etc. We provide skilled warehousing and even the most delicate item will remain safe in our warehouses. . Our warehouses are armed with standard racking that is hygienic. All the inward in to the warehouse are kept correctly after severe reviews. Following are our best features because of you will feel proud about being our customer.

  • Great care of the goods
  • Extensive network with excellent infrastructure
  • Economical rates
  • Warehousing services available all over the world
  • Forward-thinking technology to observe actions of consignments
  • Accomplished manpower with knowledge of latest technology

Comfortable warehousing and storage facilities. So if you want to store your goods in warehouses as a part of your relocation process then just give us an opportunity to serve you better. We will help you whether you need it on long term or short term basis. You can believe in us regarding warehousing and storage facilities.

Custom Clearance

We place our experts in trading procedures, international transportation, and custom clearance at company-owned import-export cargo handling facilities in major ports and airports in India. Thus, import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick custom clearance work. The distribution related to trading is not only transportation and storage of commodities, but also various processes such as custom clearance, documentation, authority procedures and banking.

We possess much knowledge in trading, fostered by many year's experience. We save time and energy through integrated services that match user needs, and offer optimum distribution to international businesses.

Peer Network

Forwarding Division offers the following services for:

  • Both commercial and non-commercial shipment
  • Pick up cargo from site
  • Freight forwarding to any destination by airfreight, air/sea freight and road
  • Customs broker
  • Worldwide agent
  • Consolidation
  • Ability to move any size of cargo by air, road and sea freight
  • Tracking and monitoring of both incoming and outgoing shipment until delivery and advice
  • Reshipping documentation
  • Inland transportation
  • Container service
  • Project shipment handling
  • Heavy equipment handling
  • Warehousing and inventory control

We recommend packing method and material according to the nature of the items. The packing materials we use have been developed through our ceaseless efforts to provide the best protection for your valuable goods during transit with India or during International shipping. Some of the packing materials used are as follows:

  • Brown Paper & Cora cloth
  • Bubble wrap, Foam, Thermocol
  • High Quality Corrugated rolls & sheets
  • Tissue paper & White paper
  • Polythene & Plastic
  • Moth-balls & Camphor
  • Silica gel
  • Wooden Crates & Plywood Boxes (We use frequently for International Shipping)

Beside these we have a developed a variety of cartons specially designed to meet your needs. Some of them are:

  • Books cartons
  • Computer cartons
  • Crockery cartons
  • Flat cartons
  • Wardrobe Cartons
  • Picture cartons
  • Large Multipurpose cartons

If required we can also make carton as per your needs.


Our comprehensive storage services can accommodate all household items. Items are professionally taken and stacked away in secure storage vaults at warehouses that meet or surpass the highest standards within the moving and warehousing industry. Storage facilities are also available. Whether it is storage in-transit or long term storage needs we can meet your demands. Many of our federal agencies run more than one warehouse facility in different positions in their home states. The most important paperwork of your relocation.

Our packers are amongst the finest in the industry and will manage your possessions with the uttermost caution. Still, in the improbable case that something is misplaced, damaged or events beyond our control occur, we desire to insure your complete security. Our insurers offer comprehensive protection coverage, and as a consequence of our past excellent performance—their rates are extremely competitive. On that point is no deductible should a claim for deprivation or damage occur.

This protection coverage offers superior peace of brain. In summation to the standard household goods and personal effects protection coverage, we have has arranged for three extra options under the All Risk Protection Group Policy at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Pairs and Sets Coverage

  • Express to the reasonable reduction in value of the pair or set by reason of the loss of or damage to the affected items having regard to the grandness of the affected items within the pair or set.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Derangement Coverage (excludes Boats, automobiles and Trailers)
  • Provided that the covered items not exceeding six years old and must be professionally taken.
  • The goods must have been subject to testing/assessment by us or our Agents prior to transit and confirmed to be in full working order.
  • Mold and Mildew Coverage.
  • Maximum coverage payment accustomed upon packing by us or our Agents.

"Understanding ones need and planning is the key to smooth moving in your items". Our surveyors will visit your office/ home/factory and give a detailed analysis, costing and methodology best suited for your goods. Before moving the items we ensure to do the following

  • Understand your individual needs
  • Take measurements
  • Assess manpower and materials requirements
  • Identify delicate & valuable articles which may require special packing or wooden crating
  • Inspect your goods to be packed and moved
  • Check facilities for loading & parking vehicles
  • Explain the moving services, moving process, answer your queries & clear your apprehensions
  • Advise appropriate means of transport for moving within India or International shipping
  • Provide useful tips & checklists to ease your moving difficulties
  • Provide useful information about destinations you are moving to
  • Schedule dates for packing & moving
  • Most importantly we help you plan your move more effectively

Based on your requirements, we will submit a written proposal giving you all the details of the moving and storage services. When next time you want packing and moving services, please call, fax or email the professional packers and movers at DATA Moving and Storage Company to discuss your needs.


If packing is stressful task then unpacking is not less. It is also as boring as packing. To make your tedious task easy we offer best of unpacking services. And also provide useful information related to packing and unpacking. In unpacking our role cannot be ignored. Our experienced professionals and dedicated team help your unpack packing of your valuable belongings at new destination. While unpacking our staffs unpack quickly taking special care of your belongings. We help not only in unpacking but also rearrange your belongings according to your desire or instructions.

Unpacking Services involve following services:

  • Unpacking of packed boxes, cartoons, etc and removing items from the cartoons or boxes
  • Washing and cleaning the shelves and placing your belongs in right place instructed by you
  • Removing waste and damaged items and keeping them aside for insurance claims
  • Positioning furniture at right place according to the desire of clients
  • Placing food items in pantry of refrigerator
  • Placing clothes in cupboards etc.
Loading and Unloading

The loading and unloading of goods is always a risky task to do. Mad-handling of goods might results in the loss of your most valuable items, that is why people consider it comfortable to hire a moving company to do the desired task. Being a front-runner in the industry, we are able to deliver the goods to the new place in their present condition. We are providing loading and unloading services to our clients. We provide a well organized and systematic Loading and Unloading Services following all the required service parameters. Our trained staff pack, load and arrange the goods with utmost care and attention and when it reaches the desired destination, the staff further, unload and unpack the goods in proper way as per the instructions. Loading and unloading is carried in professional manner to prevent last minute damage.

We possess a well spread network system in four fast paced cities of India, which includes Noida, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. With having increasing job opportunities, good transportation facilities and latest facilities, these cities are becoming the center of various business activities and at the same time becoming favorite for domestic habitation. We fully take care of the loading of goods from one place and then unloading them at other place without making you tired and without creating unnecessary problems. We are specialists in handling, packing, loading and unloading all types of goods that includes Household Goods, Office Goods, Commercial Equipment and Car Transportation.

Any Movers, Anywhere

Car Transport, 4 Wheeler & 2 Wheeler

  • Inter city
  • Inter state
  • International
  • Residential
  • Office
  • Corporate relocation
  • Project removal for institutions
  • Industrial relocation
  • Industrial and commercial goods
  • Export/import of goods
  • Storage of Household goods and Cars
  • Car Transportation
Door-To-Door Move, Outbound
  • Pre-move survey including shipping up to destination and door delivery
  • Estimation about weight and price
  • Packing with international standard by experienced packers and supervisors at customer's place
  • Judicious selection of carriers
  • Storage facilities before customs clearance
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance assistance
  • Transportation service
  • Origin service for automobiles
  • Freight forwarding by airfreight, air/sea freight and sea freight quickly and safely anywhere in the world
  • Monitoring the shipment until all goods are delivered at destination

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